Aspiring Visual & Graphic Designer

My original interest was in Graphic Design but then I was introduced to the world of Web Design. For the past year and a half I have been studying Interaction Design at Ulster University, Belfast School of Art. My aim is to create and develop clean and clear designs for websites. I like to use clean typography and hints of strong colours to add character and a modern feel to the site. You will probably be able to guess my favourite colour and colour scheme based on the appearance of this site.

My Journey

A very brief description of how I have got where I am today. Born in 1997, attended Regent House Prep School before moving on to Regent House Grammar School. Started to develop a passion for drawing still life pictures whilst in school. Got fascinated with technology and then went on to discover how art and technology could combine together. This brought me towards the graphic design route. I started studying Foundation Art and Design at Ulster University in 2015 with the intention of specialising in Graphic Design. Then I discovered Interaction Design. This changed my mind completely. I was told that this course was 'graphic design but for the web'. This was definately the right course for me! More to follow.


First and foremost, Golf is one of my favourite sports in the world. I started playing golf in 2012 after spending many years playing both rugby and hockey. I became a member of The Blackwood after playing just 4 rounds of golf as I fell in love with the sport straight away. I joined the junior team and worked my way onto the first team after 1 year. In 2014, I was nominated for Junior Captain! It has taken me 5 years but I have now managed to get my handicap cut from 36, all the way down to 9. This has probably been one of my biggest achievements in golf as getting down to single figures was always my main goal. Especially when I shot 2 under par to get cut from 12 to 9 in one competition. Now the aim is to see how low my handicap can go.







Below you will be able to view some of my work that I have been doing either in university or for different clients.


I'm always looking for my next project but as I am a full time student, I'm only able to take on select work, so please contact me to discuss.

I love designing new and cool stuff so if you've got a project you'd like me to help you with then get in touch via social media or email me on